Yesterday I played a bit more with recording hd streams in mythtv. The last time I tried, I added 7 iptv tuners in mythtv, and start recording SD streams. All went well for the first 5 streams, the 6th recording stayed black in mythtv. When I stopped recording one of the 5 active streams, the 6th recording suddenly started. So my guess is that in the iptv network there must be some kind of limitation of max. 5 iptv streams.

A week ago the local fiber company announced that the ftth network in our town is upgraded to the fastest fiber network in the Netherlands. The fiber modem at my home is now connected with a 1gbit connection to the POP. The modem has one vlan for internet traphic (with a max. speed to 50mbit/50mbit, which can be upgraded to 200mbit/200mbit). A second vlan on the modem is used for the iptv streams.

Yesterday I tried to record multiple hd streams. I started with Nederland 1 HD, Nederland 2 HD, Nederland 3 HD. And then ran out of HD channels. I also found Brava HD. And then added a normal SD stream. And all was still recording without any problems. Looking at the network stats, I saw that traphic coming into my linux pc from the iptv network was a stunishing 60mbit/sec! I didn’t do a speedtest on the inernet vlan by the way, will try that next time… One HD channel uses around 13.6 mbit/sec network traphic. The SD streams are somewhere between de 4mbit/sec and 8mbit/sec.

Because I changed the amount of iptv tuners in mythtv back to 5, I could not test if it allows more streams at the moment. I will test that the next time…