Just released a new version of the tv_grab_nl_glashartmedia script. This version holds a few small bugfixes:


v0.7.0 – 12-Mar-2014
* fixes #5 Icon images are checked if they exist before placing the link in the xml. Thnx 2 Erwin
* fixes #6 Function gzdecode is moved to a separate file and not loaded if the function already exists in newer version of PHP. Thnx 2 Quint

v0.6.2 – 17-May-2012
* fixes #4 Changed the end= to stop= (should be stop= according to xmltv specs). Thnx 2 Sander Jongeleen
* fixes #2 Changed the location of the cache directory to a place under the .xmltv directory in the homedir of the user. Thnx 2 Robert Tomohamat
* fixes #1 Now loading 24 hours of EPG before configuring so all channels with EPG data should be included now. Thnx 2 Erwin


Go to tv-grab-nl-glashartmedia on Google Code for more information and download the newest release from tv-grab-nl-glashartmedia on Google Drive