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Just released a new version of the tv_grab_nl_glashartmedia script. This version holds a few small bugfixes:


v0.7.0 – 12-Mar-2014
* fixes #5 Icon images are checked if they exist before placing the link in the xml. Thnx 2 Erwin
* fixes #6 Function gzdecode is moved to a separate file and not loaded if the function already exists in newer version of PHP. Thnx 2 Quint

v0.6.2 – 17-May-2012
* fixes #4 Changed the end= to stop= (should be stop= according to xmltv specs). Thnx 2 Sander Jongeleen
* fixes #2 Changed the location of the cache directory to a place under the .xmltv directory in the homedir of the user. Thnx 2 Robert Tomohamat
* fixes #1 Now loading 24 hours of EPG before configuring so all channels with EPG data should be included now. Thnx 2 Erwin


Go to tv-grab-nl-glashartmedia on Google Code for more information and download the newest release from tv-grab-nl-glashartmedia on Google Drive

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In the past 2 years quiet a few people have found my information online to connect your Linux PC and MythTV to the IPTV network to a fiber of an ISP using the glashart media IPTV services. My MythTV setup is recording from the IPTV network for almost 2 years now. Mythtv needs good TV Guide information to be able to record everything with a nice name and keep your recording rules very easy. I’ve used the tv_grab_nl_py script for that a long time. But in the mean time, I also looked at the way the Amino STB is getting its tv guide data. When I looked at it a few months ago, I noticed that the STB is receiving the tv guide data in a very easy json format. So in the last months I wrote my own php script, which retrieves the tv guide data and creates a xmltv compatible xml file which an be used by mythfilldatabase to update the tv guide data in mythtv. Last week changed the layout of their site, which crippled the tv_grab_nl_py script and the author needs to make huge updates in his script. To supply an alternative tv guide source for users who already have connected their mythtv to the glashart media services, I released my script as open source on Google code.

Please visit the project page:

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