Hmmm. Fiber modem still limited to 100mbit/sec in stead of 1gbit/sec

Just did a small test running 4 HD streams and 1 SD stream on the IPTV vlan of the fiber modem. (total of 60mbit/sec). Then I ran a speedtest on the internet vlan (50mbit/50mbit). The speedtest showed me a downloadspeed of 46.91 mbit/sec and a upload speed of 52.15mbit/sec. So that looks good. But I also saw that the load on the networkcard connected to the iptv vlan dropped from 60mbit/sec to 47.9mbit/sec, and giving me some hickups and block artefacts in the recorded video. I was told that the iptv vlan had a higher priority, but it appears that […]

Recording multiple HD streams from XMS IPTV with mythtv

Yesterday I played a bit more with recording hd streams in mythtv. The last time I tried, I added 7 iptv tuners in mythtv, and start recording SD streams. All went well for the first 5 streams, the 6th recording stayed black in mythtv. When I stopped recording one of the 5 active streams, the 6th recording suddenly started. So my guess is that in the iptv network there must be some kind of limitation of max. 5 iptv streams. A week ago the local fiber company announced that the ftth network in our town is upgraded to the fastest […]

Recording up to 5 IPTV steams on my PC using MythTV

Yes… Mesa Happy (think Jar-Jar from star wars…) I just managed to setup my mythtv media pc with the new iprecorder functionality to record up to *5* streams of iptv receiving from our local fiber optic tv supplier (XMS). Time for a little party 🙂 Since a few months I have a fiber optic connection to my home, the so called Zeewolde op Glasvezel project. The fiber optic is brought all the way into the house and connected to a Genexis modem. This modem seems to have one fiber optic entering the case from the bottom. But this actually consist […]