I created a small PHP script (xmltv compatible) to scrape tv guide data from the glashart media network. It will only work, when you have a fiber connection from a ISP which is using the glashart media IPTV services. For more information see http://code.google.com/p/tv-grab-nl-glashartmedia/

Glashart media provides IPTV in the Netherlands. There are several ISP’s in the Netherlands who provide IPTV from Glashart media on their fiber connections like: edutel, onsbrabantnet, XMS, onsnet, tweak, Lijbrandt, Solcon, Kick XL

More information about Glashart Media: http://www.glashartmedia.nl/Glashart+media/

WARNING: This script is loading tv guide data from the hostname w.zt6.nl. This hostname is NOT available through the public internet. You can only reach this hostname when connected to the IPTV vlan (usually the second port on the fiber modem). But before you can connect your pc to that port, you have to fiddle around a bit with your DHCP request to act like a Set Top Box. For more information about this see http://exarv.nl/mythtv/iptv-recording